CIP: Pastiche 1560 – Final Outcome

I left this one pretty late, I’m not going to lie. It’s the day before hand-in and I couldn’t stall any longer on making the pastiche video I was avoiding making since December. I kept parts of the original idea but the outcome is a much simpler idea, as you can see below in the final video.

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CIP: Pastiche 1560 – Audio

A requisite for the final 15-30 second video is that it has to have audio in it. As I’ve been developing the idea I’m realising that in terms of audio I’m going to have to find something that would place the viewer in the early 20th century, the era when Lissitzky was creating his art.

For the summative assessment I had proposed for the video audio the song Underwaterfaal by Bearcubs, becuase of its atmospheric introduction that I had thought would place the viewer well in the video. The song then gently develops, adding more instruments as layers, which was an observation I wanted to make visual as well.

From my tutor’s feedback though it wss suggested to me that this song wouldn’t help drive my idea and would instead jar with the content, as they didn’t go together as seamlessly as I initially thought.

So even though I’ve wanted to emphasise the modernity and timelessness of his work, I can’t put a pop song or something similar in the video as it just doesn;t adjust to the concept. The look of the canvases Lissitzky used even visually set the viewer at the start of the 1900s, so I have to choose a song that goes along with that.


CIP: Pastiche 1560 – Development

So after defining my idea, I’ve now started developing shapes and forms that can be identified as Lissitzky’s style, with the intent of using them in a stop motion sequence.  In reality these sketches were quick outcomes for the summative assessment presentation, at which point I had not gotten further than this. But the research has been done and I understand the concepts behind Lissitzky’s approach to his artworks, so that’s what I’m really going to try and bring out.

These sketches are still very vague though, as they show elements that could be taken into any direction as of now.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 8.58.01 PM


Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 8.56.22 PM

CIP: Pastiche 1560 – My Idea

To get to my idea, I have to explain a little the context with which Lissitzky made his work. With the Prouns collection, Lissitzky’s intention was to create work that ‘hovers’ between the two dimensional and three dimensional. “Proun” (pronounced proo-oon) is an acronym of the Russian phrase meaning “project for the affirmation of the new.” He did many of these but one in particular my attention.

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CIP: Pastiche 1560 – Lissitzky & Typography

I’ll probably be using text in my video, so it was useful to find out that Lissitzky was also a typographer. Through his involvement designing exhibitions and propaganda for the Soviet Union in the early 20th century, he used type in the Russian alphabet in such compositions as his most famous one, “Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge”.
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CIP: Collection Project – Printed Version

Arghhhh it’s only gone and arrived! The 2 books have arrived safe and sound and on time and I’m just feeling the joy. The final decision to change the cover to one inspired by Pantone strips has made it great to look at from first glimpse, and I added a couple extra pages on the inside in light grey that don’t veer from the colour palette too aggresively and segue nicely into the content of the book.

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CIP: Collection Project – Digital Version

The brief told us that we had to make 2 physical copies of the book, but also one digital, that could be uploaded to This was an added reason for making the book digitally and sending it to print, as I was working in a digital format for the majority of this project. And so, after putting even more final touches on my book and proof-reading, I sent it off to print as a hardcover 20 x 25 cm book (because of a sent-by-God 40% discount code). Now that was done, all I could do was wait for it, and upload the digital version meanwhile.

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CIP: Collection Project – Final Touches

It’s getting to the point where the book is almost done! I’ve been adding stuff for ages, and also stalling on adding stuff because some of the projects I have to include in the book aren’t up to the standard I want them to be at. I’ve kinda ended up filling everything else around these projects in but I can’t really afford to keep waiting until I’m satisfied with most of my work. I know that takes time and because I’m sending this off to print, time might well become a problem soon.

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CIP: Collection Project – Book Cover Attempts

In terms of book covers, I’d already done some research as shown in a previous blog post. My book content was coming along nicely, with the layout made and the content being added to it making it look more complete. But the book still didn’t have a cover. I’d kinda made a first attempt at a cover, and then decided I was going to end up changing it eventually and left it there, and got so involved in the contents of the book that I completely put to the side the consideration of the covers. But now because the visual vibe of the book is coming along nicely it’s time to think again about the covers.

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CIP: Collection Project – Typographic Choice

I hadn’t mentioned this earlier, and I really should have by now, but even back when I started playing with the layout the first I did was choose a typeface. It’s a very important choice for me at least because the typeface always, more than anything else, gives me the impression of the mood the book is communicating to you. You can definitely infer a lot about the designer’s intention with their choices of type.

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